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Here are some questions we are often asked……..

What is “photojournalistic” photography and what makes you different from traditional studio or portrait photographers?  

We like to tell a story through our images which means we take an array of photos throughout the day capturing a series of creative and interesting photos.  The photojournalist approach will capture many unique moments, moments even you may not have noticed.  The best photos are those that are taken when least expected however we of course will take planned photos as well! While almost anyone can snap pictures of people standing in poses it takes the creative experience of an artist to take photojournalistic photos that capture your personality and style.

What should we wear to our engagement, family or senior shoot?

Show off your personal style and make it fun!  If you have a favorite time period or style we encourage you to go for it and dress the part.  Have fun with it and think outside the box.  We will help you with ideas too if your not really sure what style or vibe you are looking for!   Bring props or we will talk through some ideas and have props we can bring too!  There is nothing you can think of that is a stupid idea so go for it, get creative!  Colors always tend to look best in photographs and it can be any sort of color;  bright, pastel, patterned or solid but try and stay away from all white and don’t go matchy matchy, think color coordinated and choose colors that compliment each other.

I’m not really the type that likes to have my picture taken and I never know what to do with my hands and I feel awkward posing,  will you help me ?

Of course!! That’s part of what we love to do in our session is have fun and let you express your personality in a real and creative way.  Even if you don’t normally like having your picture taken we hope to make you feel so comfortable with us that you can open up and have a great time because when your having fun you get the best pictures!  We also will give you specific poses or ideas of poses cause we know what looks hot in a picture and we want you to show off your hotness!

How soon will I get my photos back, I’m excited to see them and I don’t want to have to wait for weeks!

We will have the selection of favorites loaded onto our website in as little as 5 days for family, senior or engagement pictures and then get a disc to you within a few days after that so about a 10 day turnaround.  For weddings you can expect to have the favorites loaded onto the website within 10 days and then a disc mailed to you after that so about a 15 day turnaround.  That is really fast in the photography world!

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